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We have been active in the science and technology field since our founding. We are experienced in the unique materials, techniques and standards necessary in labs and related technology settings.

Novartis 700 Main Street Cambridge, MA

  • Owner: Novartis
  • General Contractor: Wise Construction
  • Contract Value:

Renovation of laboratory and vivarium spaces as well as replacement of existing lab waste pipe with double contained pipe. Replacement of lab waste pipe was performed in an occupied sensitive area.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Boston, MA

  • Owner: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • General Contractor: Elaine Construction
  • Contract Value:

Installation of laboratory equipment associated with the company’s move from Cambridge to its new facility in South Boston.

Pfizer Cambridge, MA

  • Owner: Pfizer
  • General Contractor: Pfizer
  • Contract Value:

Direct contract with Pfizer for fit-up and install of various lab systems and equipment at its new facility in Cambridge. Included installation of new equipment and modification of existing. Work was performed in an occupied and highly secured environment.

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–Bill Olson, Project Executive, LEED AP
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