About Us


The ultimate measure of our work is the response of our customers. Here are a few comments from the organizations that we have served.

“As the owner of commercial real estate throughout Greater Boston, Sabre Management has come to depend on PJ Dionne Company to service our diverse facilities. PJ Dionne Company's timely response as well as their capacity to interact with our tenants in an occupied environment has been invaluable.”

– Larry Whitten,
Sabre Management

“As part of the leadership team of a third generation family owned business; trust, support, and loyalty are the foundational building blocks of the enduring relationships that we have built with our Clients and our Partners. I have been relying on the expertise, advise, and craftsmanship of P. J. Dionne for nearly a quarter of a century. I am proud to call them friends and business associates.”

– Tom Monroe, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Engineering
Elaine Construction

“The reason we work with PJ Dionne is they are one of the most responsive Plumbing Subcontractors in Boston. As the majority of work we do is Fast Track and in Highly complex and occupied buildings, PJ Dionne can quickly provide the manpower and skillset that matches with each project need. It really is about the people as their staff and licensed plumbers are effectively trained and utilize the utmost professionalism as our work can be highly visible and needs to be executed at a very high level. PJ Dionne also understands the challenges that the Construction Manager deals with and tries to be proactive and stay ahead of any issues. They are a true Partner on our projects. Anytime we can make one less phone call to chase down a sub is a huge benefit to us.”

– Bill Olson, Project Executive, LEED AP
Wise Construction